After updating firmware 3.1.0 sync manager it doesn't sync anything

Quite possible. I currently have no issue with my equipment. My foray into this subject, stemmed from the description of the task/fix that a poster pointed out to someone else who had an issue. I thought it was a bit much and said so. Shortly thereafter some bozo decided to play ghetto Socrates. As for computers and issues with them - we have The Geek Squad. As I pointed out elsewhere I’m not a DJ or I guess what you call a working DJ. I’m just a CEO who likes to spin a few tracks at home and maybe dazzle a few friends. I buy the best because affording it is not an issue. When I have a few moments to play, that’s what I want to do. I do love my Denons but I’m not going to spend time doing that kind of work on them - the time is not worth it to me. In life not everyone’s situation is the same. Thank you for your commentary.

Shouldn’t you have chosen the other brands products if you were chasing the most premium, top of the line products in this field?

Denon the audio company and Denon the DJ equipment company are in no way connected as far as I’m aware, and I certainly wouldn’t be labelling them as ‘Porsche’ if I was looking for comparisons in the car world.

If you’re so adamant you just pay people to do everything for you when it comes to things you’ve purchased, why not just do the same here, phone your local retailer or dj gear hire company and pay someone to come and update/maintain the equipment, I don’t see the difference? The service is there for you to pay for if you want to, nobody has specifically said it’s you who needs to be the one to perform these tasks.


Moin to whom it may concern,

after 35 years the spot lights for my DJ Booth are passing away … I have to change from Halogen to LED …

As I’m not an electrician, I called a craftsman to do this, as I want to prevent electric shocks and need a proper grounding to handle my P4 …

I will watch the craftman at work and he will watch me at beatmatching …

We have experts for every job in all branches, but we have to pay for their services, even consulting in taxes and so on.

Enjoy the sunny sunday

Brgds BeatMaster


You seem so anxious to poke holes in my arguments that you missed a few gems.

  1. I’m having no issues with my equipment. I’m responding to someone else’s issue and disagreed with the fix as it’s my right to my opinion and you too yours.
  2. I did mention that I have sound equipment from Denon Audio. I did not expand on that as it was but relevant.
  3. I was fairly recently introduced (by a DJ hired for my company’s events) to Denon DJ because I demonstrated that I wanted to do a little DJing instead of just streaming from Sirius et al or playing CDs. My DJ, a very nice chap, (who uses my equipment at my events), usually surrender the turntables to me for 20 - 25 minutes so I can showoff a bit. In reference to Porsches and where they fall in the scheme of things, remember there’s another line of cars after these: They are called Hypercars. I won’t waste time going into that. I respond out of courtesy to you but see no point in maintaining this or any other discourse connected to this subject; as stated I have no issue to fix. Hopefully this is clear. Thanks for your prior responses, kind or otherwise. I bid you all adieu.
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Not picking holes, just addressing some of your concerns and assertions.

If you aren’t happy with the gear and some of the additional tasks involved to optimise it, sell it and buy something more suited to your workflow. As you’ve already stated several times, you’re apparently well off enough to afford it :+1:t3:


The synchronisation of playlists between EngineDJOS and the EngineDJ library stored within the unit SSD is a ONE-WAY sync. i.e playlists created on my SC6k players will not sync back to the EDJ library stored on the MBP?

I have a feeling this might be case. I think the problem, which I seemed to have occurred twice have only happened once I’ve made a new Playlist via the player (SC6000), then once I jump back to Engine on Windows I can’t seem to sync anything. Adding new tracks or creating playlists are all unattainable. I have to completely wipe the database to get it working again.

I would only recommend doing changes on the desktop app.

I’m currently running v3.2.0 across my all my gear.