After update player stuck in bootup phase

I have just updated my SC5000 to v1.2.2 via the windows updater but the player is now stuck in the bootup phase and I cannot turn it off.

has anyone else had this issue and where you able to resolve it?

What happens when you unplug it?

hi chole

when i unplug it, it finally turned off but plugging it back in again and starting it up it goes back to being stuck on the bootup/splash screen

Hey Ryan,

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues. The best thing to do now is to try to reflash the unit. You can put it directly in firmware update mode by holding down Media Eject, Source and Layer and then turning the unit on. Release the control surface buttons after you see the firmware update screen and then try it again.

With any luck that will fix the issue.

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Hi AIRVince

I’ve tried that and its now working :sunglasses: thanks so much for your help :+1:


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