After one year - I still don't understand this programm!

I want my main database to be on just ONE internal, but second SSD → which I currently use. When I get new tracks, they mostly land on my first SSD, but I drag and drop them into my playlists in engine prime, but still they aren’t physically moved to the main database - they are cluttered around my first SSD and when I move them, engine prime immediately marks them as red.

I don’t want to have a cluttered collection consisting of all my drives I possess - this doesn’t make sense to me. What am I doing wrong?

How do I set up a collection which only refers to one drive and also automatically moves all the dragged mp3s in there as well?

Should I use iTunes then?

Good practice - when you acquire new music files, move them to where you’d want them to be before adding to any DJ software.

Some DJ softwares are more forgiving, Engine aint!


Presumably you put them there. Why?

If you want your tracks on the second SSD, put them on the second SSD, then add them to the database.

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I use a external ssd. All my tracks copied there BEFORE add to the engine database. The database is in ssd too and all ok at the moment.

Just a comment. I need to Connect ssd to laptop BEFORE open engine dj to see the tracks on playlist.

In the same way, you have a second hard disk instaled inside your computer, so you can go in the same workflow.

Hope this can be useful.

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OK so if I understand correctly, the internal drive is the source, and the external (second) is the destination, that you plug into your Prime unit.

There’s no problem. Add/import new tracks to Engine software on your internal drive, then export (sync) to the external destination drive.

The “main” database is the one on your internal drive, where the Engine software is. When you sync/export, it creates a database (for the Prime hardware to use) on the external drive.

The music stays on your internal drive, and is copied (not moved) to the external.

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No. The external ssd is the source and at the same time is destination. There is a database fólder in external ssd. When i Sync, the database update the tracks locations (a separate fólder with all tracks) from the same ssd.

This way no space is required in internal ssd of laptop, or in your case, no needed space in primary ssd. All working in other disk.

Only the files of sounswitch are in the internal ssd. And these are sent to external ssd when sync.

I dont know if this is the best way to do the job, but It works for me.


I thought you were posting because it wasn’t working?

You also said you wanted the database to be on your internal drive.

Oh well, I’ll leave you to it. :man_shrugging:

My answer was to the first post. He does not understand how to Sync to his second internal disk.

I was trying to help him.

Sorry if i get you in error

Apologies. I didn’t realise you’d stepped in. I thought it was the same person posting.

Not paying attention. Mea culpa.

Never mind PK.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I figured a way out with your help!

I download tracks to my internal drive on my Mac mini then drag them into my external drive, delete from Mac drive and then drag them straight into engine from the external drive which is the one I use to DJ with.

Never had any problems this way.

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Please enlighten us, so others may benefit from your solution.

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Thats the way to do it. I tag completely (as best as i can) when they are in the temporary home before moving them to external SSD (t7).

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No backup strategy? :sob:

To backup i conect a second external ssd through USB and the ssd that have tracks and db. Then open engine dj to Sync all database to second external ssd.

I mean 2 external USB disk atached to laptop.

USB 1 tracks and database. This is source. USB 2 destination of backup fom Sync.

In your process, your “backup” is actually a performance storage device.

I would suggest that you use a tool to mirror your source drive to your backup drive so that all of the files are in place as you have organized. A “sync” from Engine DJ will change how the files are organized and that may not be how you want to deal with things in a “recovery” situation.

Your method copies the data, which is very important, but it’s not a true backup as the layout of how you store files changes.

Ohh yes. Thats true. I never thought about it because i still havent needed my backup.

I Will try same cloning tool or Sync manager with my ssd

All what i have like backup IS the same i have inside the ssd in my prime 4 plus

Thank you very much

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If on mac, rsync works fine or if you want a UI, Carbon Copy Cloner works great.

I’ve found another GUI to rsync on Mac. No registration needed and no try version. Now I’m cloning my source disk to backup disk with BACKUPLIST+. Very easy to use. Downloaded from here:


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