Advice for mounting an SC5000 above a record deck

Hi all, looking for some advice on finding a mounting stand for an SC5000… I saw a guy on Youtube (opamusic) had modified a laptop stand to put an SC6000 on and it seemed to work ok, if a little wobbly. Has anyone else got any workarounds for this?

I really don’t want one of those ultra expensive, huge metal things you see for sale in DJ stores, so any help finding something would be appreciated.

If it’s for a permanent installation you might look at the ikea stolmen system

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Well lots if options. You could make a lappy stand from say MDF which would cut the wobble and give you perfect height. Or you could get a cheap tilt and turn monitor arm and modify it. Look on eBay for someone selling up cheap

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Ive just found these online after much searching reddit… they seem to be a good option although not cheap.

I use a LCD arm with a custom plexiglass base that has bolts which fit into the SC5000 rubber feet I made for my SC5000, but you can also get extension arms that would work just as well.

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Cheers @djdragon . Thats exactly what i was meaning by monitor stand


FYI, I have a webcam mounted on some 1/4" threaded rod that over looks the SC5000, it’s a pretty awesome action cam when the monitor arm swings around :joy: :rofl:

Have you considered placing an SC5000 between your turntables and putting the mixer on a laptop stand above that? Could be much easier, as your mixer does not have too much depth compared to the SC and could fit on one (or better two) of those cheap laptop stands.

Yeah it’s an option, tbh I think I’m just gonna settle for an XDJ-700 with the legs removed on a laptop stand, then hope Denon bring out a compact cheap media player.