Adding stickers to performance pads

MK2 DIY sticker dimensions 22x22mm :wink:


Looks like a Pioneer now. Yuck.

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I quite like it as it’s now like the SC5000 that came before the RX2. Almost an NS7III vibe had the sticker gone to the end of the pad. Also, InMusic had the Akai AMX that had these pads as well asntge MixTrack.

Besides… if it wasn’t for the mirrored output, the MCX8000 looks a little “SX-y” on its bottom half anyway. I just hope any future model moves away from mirrored controls! A Prime version of the MCX8000 probably would have these style pads to look like the SC5000.

I think it cuts down on the glare in a dark club but wonder how bright it is when outside on a sunny day.