Adding a SC5000 to Prime 2

Utilizing the aux input and ethernet link port of a Prime 2 to add a SC5000 media player, is it possible share track databases, timing and BPM information, and other data seamlessly over this connection?

Yes as long as they are on the same network this works fine, even on wireless.

I doubt Engine Connect info goes over the wireless connection, it does over ethernet.

It does, I have done it with the SC5000’s plugged in to the network and the Prime 2 on wireless (same lan segment), the Prime 2 could see the USB drive connected to the SC5000 and load tracks, searching was a little slow though.

Tracks yes, but Engine Connect info like BPM no.

I think you may be right it might not work over wifi I may have used a powerline network adapter instead I cante quite remember, it defo works over a wired lan connection though.

Would the SC5000 be able to access/utilize the Prime 2’s media source library?

Yes. That’s no problem.