Add tracks to already intalled ssd on prime4

Hi. How can i add ,let’s say,10 new tracks to the ssd drive onDenon prime 4 without removing it from the controller? Because it makes no sense to have to remove the ssd every time i want to add tracks to it,which will problably be on daily or week basis. Please let me know how to do it. Ty

Start by reading the manual for your product.


A worthy response :rofl:

Connect console via USB and switch the source to computer mode.

Then manage it like you would another drive in Engine DJ or via the computers file system.

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The manual doesn’t say anything about how to add tracks to the SSD card that is already unstalled on prime 4 bay,without the need of removing it every time you want to add a track. Thanks

The Prime 4 manual covers the controller. The Engine DJ manual covers use of the software required to create, manage and transfer media to the controller.

Alternatively, a quick Google finds this:

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Thank tou very much for this video. It will help a lot.