Ad10s diego :(

Any Soccer (football) fans here? We lost a legend yesterday :slightly_frowning_face:

I grew up watching Maradona play and am very sad about this news. Here is shot of my office art I had put together a few years ago that has now come home with me due to COVID/office closures…

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I’m not a soccer fan, even if my country turns orange; I mostly don’t even know when they play…

The sad part about Maradona, is that he lost his life to the fame and everything/everyone surrounding who wanted a piece of that fame.

R.I.P. way too early.

(same goes for ‘our’ number 14, who has lost to cancer)

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I’m not a lover of the Beautiful Game either, but certain players become legendary, and everyone knows their name. I felt sad when reading about his death, particularly at that age.

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I am a football fan and he ruined my childhood with the Hand of God goal; the first World Cup I was old enough to understand properly and also the first Panini sticker album I’d ever filled.

Genius player though, and at a time when defenders could kick you to death. I’d love to see what he’d be able to do now with all the time he’d have on the ball now.