Actualización 3.0

Actualizado a la versión 3.0 en denon dj sc live 4,pero no me deja hacer la función shift+roll, alguien que le haya pasado eso y que me pueda ayudar, gracias

Hi, swipe down on screen and activate sample pads.

Yesterday i update to vers 3.0 and the samples work fine.i got prime 4.but today in a live sesion,the samples doesnt appears in the sample slots but doesnt sound anymore.i upload them again to the slots,and see in the performance pads that work just fine.but in pratical mode not work.volume in sample mode is on full volume.i upload my samples to the internal hard drive of my prime 4 and nothing.i reestart my controller and nothing…i try to play them in single mode and with music and none of them work.any help???thanks!!!

Hello make sure you have volume on channel 4, that is the physical control for the samples.

No matter if you have assigned that channel.