Active Loops don't seem to work in 2.2.2

Something seems to have changed with Active Loops in 2.2.2. It used to be the case that you create an Active Loop by holding down the LEFT parameter button and choosing the loop pad. Now it seems to have changed to the RIGHT parameter button - ok so no big deal?

So after setting an Active Loop using the RIGHT parameter button (LEFT does nothing), I can see the “zebra” shading on the loop so it appears OK. However the loop does not activate when I play through it (either from a Hot Cue or from playing through the track).

So to confirm my process:

  • Load the track

  • Set a loop using the encoder

  • Hold RIGHT parameter and choose Loop pad (zebra shading appears)

  • Set a Hot Cue on the same position as the loop start

  • Hit the Hot Cue (track plays but loop does not activate)

Edit: Active Loops created before 2.2.2 still work OK.

So its working again today after a reboot :man_shrugging:

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