AC adapter

Has anyone identified a good spare power adapter for the Prime Go? I know it runs on battery, but I like to keep a spare charger for any of my gear in the car just in case I need it.

There doesn’t seem to be a Denon branded adapter available for purchase. If any of y’all have found a suitable spare, I would greatly appreciate you pointing me in the direction of where I could purchase one for myself.




Yes! I’m also looking for a spare charger, just in case.

This will work for you just, select the right adaptor from the ones supplied to fit in the prime go power socket.

I checked the prime go user guide and the voltage and amps are an exact match for the Denon power adaptor.


Thanks for this helpful advice.

Denon provides spare parts for purchase for their products via the official support webform:

Select “Parts Inquiry” in the “How can we help?” field. Include your serial number and proof of purchase when prompted. Then request the parts you need replaced.

At the time of posting, a replacement charger for the Prime Go is $61.00 USD.

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