About the sound card (REC output)

Hi, I’m an old and retired DJ (1999-2010). 5 years ago I sold my setup (Ecler Nuo2.0, Rane SL and both 1200MK2).

Today I’m very exited with the reviews of Denon’s hardware. I want to buy the Prime 4 but is not available on Amazon :frowning_face: and the option is Prime 2.

I want to know if it exposes their sound card via USB to the PC and if it has a REC source.

Thanks you so much!

(PD: Always in love with DN-1800F)

There are other places which sell the Prime 4. :smiley:

Thanks @PKtheDJ but other sites don’t do customs clearance in my country :frowning: and I’m very afraid of b-stock :see_no_evil:

I can find Argentinian sites with stock.

Apart from the buying choices, the answers to your question are, at the moment:

  • No it will not be a full multi track audio card for the pc as the X1800 is. However, I think it can be used to play audio like a simple single output.
  • Recording is not available to a pc, see answer above, but you can record to a source drive connected to the Prime4. Unless you’d use a streaming source.

@Reese and @PKtheDJ thank you… magically two units has been appear on Amazon and bingo!

See you at PRIME 4’s forum :smiley:

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