A Traktor converts wishlist for Engine DJ...

I’ve recently switched from being a long-time Traktor and CD-J user to relying solely on two SC6000’s, and there are several small things in Engine DJ that I feel need urgent improvement, so it can better compete with the UX of its competitors.

I made the switch because I was tired of staring at a laptop, and I wanted some new gear to experiment with. However, many professional DJ’s and alike will be put off by how clunky Engine DJ can be because of bugs or missing functionality.

I love my SC6000’s and will stick with them, but I want to see the software optimised to speed up the workflow and reduce the time I have to spend on my PC.

Here’s my wishlist:

  • Smart playlists
  • Each playlist remembers its sort type and position forever
  • Search remembers its filters, sort type and position forever
  • Quickly add the currently playing track to a playlist from the player
  • Search within the current playlist (Optional)
  • Synchronise the playlist/search view between media players
  • Create an easy to use HTML manual similar to Denon AV Receivers

I know this has all been raised before, but this is critical stuff for me coming from Traktor, and I think it’s critical stuff if you want someone to seriously consider Engine DJ over the competition. They are small changes that collectively will make a massive difference to the ease of use of the hardware.

Feel free to post your wishlist below, and perhaps Denon will take note. :smiley:


Changed to normal topic as these are already requests to give likes for, indeed. (and no template was used :wink: )

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These are all excellent functional requests that I fully agree with. But the best way to request them is to find the thread with that topic in the appropriate section and vote on it. Otherwise you can create a new thread for a new request. :smiley:

I find it pointless that each of us writes his “wish list” here with the hope that the guys from the Denon DJ Team will read them, while there is already a special section for requests.

If they want to know our needs, they would know where to find them. :wink:

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Take a look at Lexicon

It has all the features you mentioned and much more. Lexicon can sync directly to your Denon devices and USB sticks.

Currently in closed beta for Rekordcloud subscribers, but open beta coming very very soon. Probably next week!


It is not pointless, it makes me feel better, and that is all that matters. :yum:

Also, this post is not really a feature request because everything I want has been requested before and voted on, but users have been waiting years for resolution in some cases.

So, my issue is with the prioritisation of feature delivery at Denon. The streaming and lightning integrations are excellent features, but they do not help me mix better or work faster. :neutral_face:

Now that 2.x is out, I hope Denon will find the time to improve the essential functions of Engine DJ, especially for high-end media players like the SC6000.

Many DJ’s who walk into a store right now would not switch to Denon because there are obvious issues with the workflow and handling of playlists etc.

Profit is a primary driver of which features and fixes get delivered, so I’m making the case that Denon should focus on optimising the UI for a while because it will boost their credibility with professional DJs, which will lead to more sales.


I do minimal work outside of the SC6000 interface now. It’s simple and low effort. :slightly_smiling_face:

My workflow is:

New tracks > Mixed in Key > DJ Engine > SC6000

… and there are requests that have been standing for a couple of years that are not satisfied, despite being the most voted ones. :astonished:

True. Much of the improvement should be done to Engine DJ, perhaps taking ideas from other older software (VDJ, Rekordbox, etc).

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Perhaps “pointless” wasn’t the best word, but it’s close.

Worse still posting ideas incorrectly potentially attracts discussion of the feature and “likes” to the wrong post. 2, 3 or more posts about something can “dilute” any votes (3 similar topics with 10 votes each isn’t as interesting to a developer as a single topic with 30 votes)

Lists of multiple wishes all in one post is less than ideal too, if devs do stumble across the post (not as likely if it’s outside of the request section) they won’t know which of the (half) dozen ideas on that post is attracting the vote(s) on that multi-post.

Well, if I knew this post was going to attract the forum police, I would have been more careful to obey the law. 👮‍♂️🚔

This post is not for devs. If it’s for anyone at Denon DJ, it’s for the product owners, but I don’t really care if they read it or not. :man_shrugging:

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There are probably a few product owners out there that would like some of your suggestions.

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Eight months later and nothing on this list has been implemented. Simple improvements ignored by a clueless product team. :man_shrugging:t2:

There are some basic features people have been requesting since dinosaurs roamed the earth so you might have a bit of a wait…

Looking forward to the next update which brings TikTok integration to all units.

I’ve got a Primary 7 prom tomorrow so would be handy :roll_eyes:

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no biggie, everybody loves a good rant, especially when good points are raised…

…but then maybe don’t complain that your rant was ignored by Denon?

If you had put it into the feature form as requested 8 months ago instead of mocking Reese as the “forum police” this could have gotten a shitload of votes by now (including mine probably).