A question before buying the prime 4

Hey everyone i’m new here and got A question Ive litlerly had it with pioneer after refusing to listen About companility with my tour1 set

After finding out they discontinued the cdj tour1 i am looking for something similar when it comes down to screens

Besides that if i look at the prime 4 i’m wondering if i use my standard outmix wich is one beat loop with a filter and a one beat echo but uppon looking at the denon prime 4 i noticed the effects are somewhere els? Can this method still be used?? Let me know so

What’s up @Djrah,

I don’t understand your question. Please clarify. Also are you comparing Pioneer’s CD Tour 1 to Denon’s Prime 4? What is your plans for usage (clubs, touring, bedroom DJing, etc.)?

In Prime 4 you have the FX Effects after the SWEEP FX. So (if I understand what you are asking) you can activate a one beat loop on the track output, then you can turn the SWEEP FX knob activating the filter, then you can activate the echo in one of the two FX effect banks (there are two different echo available “normal” and “Hall”) and adjust the parameters of it as you like.


Okay thanks for letting me know its still possible