5000m ariived this morning and then this................."Streaming!"

starting to think i backed the right horse now and i havent even opened them yet!


It’s certainly taken things to a ■■■■■■■ awesome level - far beyond anything else.

I know some will kick off about DJs should but their music not rent it or rent access to a music library. But every year I think there’s a thinner and thinner and more hazy fuzzy line between what used to be right or wrong and what’s going to be right or wrong - things change, sometimes faster than attitudes

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That is fantastic news - superb job of keeping that quiet too - I have absolutely no idea that WiFi was built in to the players.

Yet another nail in the competition’s coffins.

Stunning, Denon - thank you very much.

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Not sure what to think about this really. It’s a good strategy if it helps Denon to penetrate the club installation market by offering a device that also streams background music playlists over the internet.

The cost structure worries me a bit - how many middlemen will there be between the artists & labels who publish the music and the operator/consumer/dj who use these streaming services? Are these streaming giants actually taking a bigger cut out of the plays and leaving the artists & labels with less? For indie labels at least this is not yet entirely clear.

Keep in mind, that all of these streaming services require a subscription, even Soundcloud works only with Go+ (which is not available worldwide either). For e.g. the Beatport offering is not entirely cheap at $40/month for 50 tracks and $60/month for 100 tracks.

But, I’m curious to see how this develops, it won’t affect my personal music buying preferences at all but will affect the label side of things.

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Game-changing! Looking forward to trying this out - will definitely get a Soundcloud Go+ sub IF the integration is done correctly (i.e. accurate beat gridding and BPM analysis…).

I reckon it works just the same as with any unanalysed file - the player downloads & caches it, analyses and there you go.

Streaming sounds good but what about 320kbs quality, I bet that’s going to be expensive!

Yes, that’s what I mean - currently if the player makes a mistake during the analysis (specifically in the BPM calculation) then it’s impossible to adjust. With streaming they really need to make sure that all of the BPM and beat grid adjustments available in Engine Prime are also on the player.

Just hope that they will include the normal Soundcloud so I can listen to my own mix (SC GO is not available in Belgium)

Well, you can always mix by ear, not a catastrophe :slight_smile:

Haha, agreed.