2 Problems

Been using 2 SC5000M’S & X1800 for 2 years, even 5 days a week, never had a problem, updated my players, then 1 SC5000M wouldn’t find any song, I tried trying every source, the only solution is to unplug the player, now my second player will not see the first player, on the back of the non working player, there is no activity on the lan port, no activity on the mixer port either of that player, changed cables, lan port works with the second players cable.

Second problem, my X1800 no longer works on my streaming software (Streamlabs OBS) I have tried 3 cables, 2 are brand new never used, I was using channel 9/10, updated the mixer, tried broadcast channel 1/2, I tried both 9/10 or 1/2 on 2 separate laptops, again one laptop was just bought, tried every usb on both laptops, I thought the usb port on the mixer was broken, but I was able to update the mixer using that port.

For returning these for warranty, can I use any Denon dealer, I bought this setup from an electronics store that doesn’t sell dj gear, I’m in Canada, or do I pay shipping?

thank you for advice

first Problem: tried updating it once again?

second Problem: Is broadcast mode on? If not:

  1. Power on the mixer.
  2. Press and hold the Quantize/Utility button.
  3. From the Utility Menu, navigate to 6. Advanced Audio.
  4. From the Advanced Audio menu, navigate to 5. USB Audio.
  5. From the USB Audio menu, navigate to 5. Broadcast Mode.
  6. From the Broadcast Mode menu, turn the feature ON.

Check if you’ve set one of the players as a " Master ".:+1::pray::thinking:

Cause it was explaining in the directions, that you can control all the SC5000M’s connected with one player, if you choose to.

Now maybe it accidentally got set that way somehow, if so, just press the master button, or shift & master button,k, this is just an idea homeslice. Also, make sure the players are connected correctly in the backs of all of your players, like as far as how their connected to each other. I thought I seen something about you didn’t have any chords connecting them? If I’m wrong, sorry for that, but definitely check the master button for sure. They did this for people with like 4 players, who wanted to be able to utilize all their players with their music, simultaneously, without having to look in each individual player, & its USB drives or drives, or playlists. And so you wouldn’t have to move anything around, from what I’ve read :+1::pray::thinking: