2 internal drives in your laptop is this a problem?

Not sure if this is supposed to be this way I have 2 solid state internal drives in my laptop. 1 a 512gb SSD has all programs and the operations system on it the other is a 2TB SSD for music storage only. When I looked into my laptop I had 2 database2 files on my laptop one on the C drive the smaller drive which contains the operating system and programs as mentioned above. The other is on the D drive where my music is all stored. So I have 2 engine library folders on each drive is this correct because I have the engine DJ program on the C drive and all my music on the D drive or should I only have 1 engine DJ folder only where the music is actually stored?

You’ll have Engine DB folders in all drive units with music stored on your computer.

But my music is only stored on the D the larger storage drive the only thing on the smaller C drive is the engine DJ program. But all my music in its entirety is on the D drive.

I’m trying to figure out if I need to remove the db2 engine library folder on the C drive but leave the one on my music storage drive which again I have 2 internal drives in my laptop 1 for that all programs and operating system are stored and the other has only music on it but both drives have database 2. So I’m my case because of having 2 different internal drives is I normal to have 2 engine library folders on both internal drives even if all my music is stored all on 1 drive not both?

Yes, it’s normal to have DB’s on each drive. I have the exact same arrangement: C:\ SSD with windows and SW, and a D:\ SSD with all my music. I have DB’s on each drive. I believe Engine creates a DB folder on default location (C:) the reads the DB’s on each drive on startup. Don’t worry its normal software behaviour.

Keeping all my music on D:\ turn backups easy - i Just backup my entire D:\drive. Had a SSD failure some time ago, just reinstalled windows, returned all my files to the same d:\ drive and reinstalled engine. All my playlists and cue points came back.


Great! Thanks for the info