10 days with sc5000 prime ! my doubts and requests

Hello friends! I’ve been testing the sc5000 prime in my new configuration for 10 days 01 Do I have any questions?

02 Possible updates with the engine and its link with serato? engine!

01 We’ve all talked about the active auto loop that will be included in the next update. we wait!! In addition to being able to make loop adjustments with the Jogweel.

02 I already commented on the forum engine but I emphasize it! When passing my serato folders through the engine, the reading of the beat grid changes and I have to adjust the starting points, personally it does not generate problems, since it is only the beginning and the numbers are just a reference. The ear does the work! The communication of the software with respect to the reading of the beat grid must be correct when copying files from any software to engine.

03 Adjusting the time grid with the wheel: selection / load? Is this function possible? for a finer adjustment

04 Is it possible to work directly with engine through usb and feed the sc5000 with my music files?

05 external drives with files. Is it recommended that it be energized?

Item II sc5000 and Serato!! I work a lot with video too, that’s why I use serato

01 Has any update been planned for sc 5000 and serato in the future?

02 expand the text of the playlist on the screen. Is it possible?

03 the screen of the sc5000 could receive the serato waveform, since many would like to make adjustments and changes directly to the controller.

04 Denon has thought about the creation of a battle mixer type rane 72?

It would be very good for many to have unique architecture Those would be my doubts! Until now and tested for long hours my files in memory with motor and serato! I have not had any problems until today.

I have read many errors and frosts. just a freeze that I had the first day when I wanted to use a memory with rekordbox I preferred to remove and load everything again with the engine.

My configuration: a) Mackbook Pro mid-2012 i7 2.6 osx sierra ssd disk Serato Dj Pro Serato Video Shypon Recorder

b) Pioneer Djm s-9 c) Denon Sc5000 Prime d) Hub D-Link 2.0 powered


Glad my native tongue is not English… Anyone available to comment on DJ Carlos?

Not at the moment - we’ve been asking for this since the release of the SC5000’s.



… The rest of your questions I cant answer.

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I would pay good good money for a standalone Prime compatible 72-esque mixer. It boggles the mind that the X1800 has been the only Prime mixer option for 2 years. I hope it’s the hardware team’s next project and that the price cuts aren’t a sign of them abandoning their top tier ambitions to focus on the more bedroomy market.

A mixer as modern, smart and ambitious as the players could really boost the standalone setup capabilities into a tier well beyond the Prime4. Imagine essentially a full standalone Rane 72 maybe with the same 7" screen as the players. From there you can control global settings, livestreaming/recording, soundswitch, XY FX etc, whilst the players concentrate all display focus on time critical stuff.

Hold the load knob down for 2-3 secs, then you can enter beat grid edit mode on the players. You can slide the grid fwd or back using the platters. You can half or double the bpm using icons on the screen. If the bpm is totally wrong there is no way to correct that on the players directly. https://community.enginedj.com/t/tap-bpm-manually-on-the-sc5000/9182/28 https://community.enginedj.com/t/beatgrid-editing-on-the-fly/13703/12

Do you mean analysed?

You dont have to analyse any external drives but the moment you load a song from the drive ,only that song will be anaylsed by the players. e.g. you have 1000 tracks on a USB drive that is not analysed, you then play 50 songs in a set, only the 50 will be anaylsed by the 5000.

At least you have Serato integration with the 5000. The SC5000M and Prime 4 dont have Serato yet. I’m not sure who decides how the integration is done if its Serato or Denon DJ, and yes I agree with you…it is not complete as one would like…no scrolling waveforms etc.

See this request thread


I play videos as well and use Serato and Mixemergency exclusively for this.

One advantage of the SC5000 is you can use your Mp4 as regular music files as well.

Nope. It’s been requested over and over.


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Unfortunately Engine Prime will do its own analysis and it cannot be bypassed. There is no control over what the outcome might be. You may have no change to the bpm/beatgrid compared to Serato or you can end up with an unusable bpm/beatgrid.

That beatgrid and bpm is a reference not just for the DJ but also the hardware. The controllers features such as beat jump, autoloop, quantisation, beat slicer, sync are all tied to have correct bpm and accurate grids.

I know you use the S9 (I have one as well) , but there is something called Engine Connect on the Denon DJ X1800 mixer, it needs accurate beatgrid and bpm for the mixers FX to work correctly.

As a DJ the BPM, I sort my library/crates by bpm and key during gigs…so a wrong bpm will cause a song not to be in the right place during sorting. Imagine having “50 cent - in da club”, coming up after “Cardi B - Money”


mufasa friend I made the configuration of the time grid. As you say it! and there it is! with the wheel: selection / load and the jogweel! Thanks for the time to answer my questions and all the information!

May the community continue to make contributions! Claims and solutions! That is the way to grow!