1.4 Public Beta Now Available for all PRIME Series Media Players!

Can’t you adjust the grid with the right encoder? You should also be able to just do smart/auto loops using the left loop encoder even with quantize off that should still be the correct length regardless of whether the grids are perfectly aligned as long as they are the correct tempo… you just have to trigger it at the correct moment.

That subforum says “This area is used to report PRIME 4 Beta bugs and unexpected behavior.”

Yes I can move the grid without any problem.

8 out of 10 tracks I loaded, I needed to edit… I dont intend to use Tidal as my ‘main’ source, so its not that big a problem to edit 2 or 3 tracks a night… But it would be awesome if there was somehow that we could ensure that tracks loaded from Tidal (or other Streaming sources) were alligned…

Maybe by using the ‘big data’ that djs that stream are generating - so if another dj has loaded the track and edited the grid before, it will be remembered for the next dj that loads it :heart_eyes:

Deck 2 “vinyl mode” only works 1/3 the time on when using Tidal. No issues when DJing of HD and SD

the non-M nudge setting affects both directions, not just forward… low isn’t too awful even with asymmetry… though still bit weird. curious if prime 4 really is symmetrical

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Tried the new firmware for 1h30m and really liked it! The low nudge setting is a huge improvement for my mixing style of long smooth blends and layered loops. Didn’t tried tidal as I play only lossless tracks mostly on places with bad Internet connection, but overall the players behaved very nicely.

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Anyone else noticing occasional triggering of new hot cues momentarily go for just the slightest amount for a split second, stop, and require another press? This is in addition to when you set them… so three presses required to set and play sometimes.

Is this the 2nd beta release or just the one that was available the other week as mine s been WiFi and tidal for weeks now if any one can shed some light on do I update again or not thanks in advance

This is public beta2. Newer build, so I suggest to update.

Difference is that the BigPrimes are included now, not only Prime4 that had public beta1 already.

Will somebody let me know when it moves out of beta and to a real update?

So that you can let everybody’s else do the test effort and you just reap the results.

Maybe you should just keep the firmware that’s on all your products right now, for alway.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Did I stutter? Nobody is paying me to test their firmware and a beta “update” doesn’t count as an update although it was presented as one.

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No one here is being paid to be a beta tester so you are the same as everyone else.

The item to consider is that you may use your equipment in different ways to others and then the beta firmware might get given approval to be launched as an update, with features that are detrimental to how you use because you didn’t test or air your view or spot those detriments during your testing.

I can wait until it’s out of beta and is an actual update, thanks.

Eloquently put.

I’ve just called a friend of mine “lazy sodding freeloader”

Please Remember this part, when you comment on others feature requests thats not equal to your own wishes, and resort to name calling (or even flagging comments) just because you dont agree. :pray:

We all use our players our own ways, and there for we all have our own hopes for whats coming, and our own ideas for whats needed.

It May not be important to you, but it might be to others.


You soooooooo need to remember this too Mr stab stab

Except your “friend” was once paid as a consultant in this scenario, what neither of you seem to grasp is that Denon is using all of us to test their software/firmware and if you’re ok with that because you want the product to be be better then great! You do you. I’ve worked in professional audio and as a DJ for 25 years and if you want me to give you feedback on your gear then “I gotz ta get paid”, otherwise, I’ll let you “yougenz” do it. I’ve owned Denon gear since the mid 90’s and have seen this before. I’ll wait for the actual “update” and not the beta. They’ve already got my money on the original purchase, it remains to be seen whether they’ll get any more from me.


I have never trashtalked others feature requests. :slightly_smiling_face: Nor called people names.

I have commented on Denons releases, and what I consider missing along the way. (Because of my way of playing - and because I’m pasionate about these players)

But if it makes you feel better calling me Mr Stab for that, its okay by me - I dont need to go down that road to Feel good about my self.

If you’re referring to me, I wasn’t talking to you. I was responding to JuliAnus and Jetsound.